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conservatory roofs Glasgow, Scotland

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Used by thousands of homeowners across Scotland.

Conservatory Conversions Scotland

Conservatory conversions in Scotland will give you back your conservatory space year round regardless what the Scottish weather decides to throw at us!

Your conservatory may look modern yet a provides no practical space for your family to relax in.

Equinox conservatory conversions revamp the structure of your conservatory and improve comfort levels without any major works needing completed or large amounts of money needing to be spent.

By installing tiled roof conversions, you restore the original benefits of why you bought the conservatory in the first place!

Customers in Scotland who approach us think conservatory conversions are going to be expensive and may not be possible in their homes.

This is often not the case as you don’t have to tear down the entire structure making it more affordable and easy to install.

Enjoy your conservatory space once again by hiring experienced professionals to complete a successful roof conversion.

"the conservatory roof conversion worked a treat, saved us money getting a new sunroom instead, really happy to have the space back it was bloody freezin! Thanks Andrew and Vicky"
best conservatory roof Scotland
Andrew Kemp, Glasgow, Scotland
5* Google Review
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tiled conservatory roof Scotland tiled conservatory roof Glasgow
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Equinox is the UK’s leading solution for tiled conservatory roof upgrades and conversions, they offer lot’s of amazing benefits including:

"We were delighted with the service provided. The window installation team were professional and left a first class job. We would certainly use Greencastle again and would certainly recommend."
trustpilot members Dundee, Scotland
Jennifer Biggins, Dundee, Scotland
5* TrustPilot Review
trustpilot members Dundee, Scotland
4.4 rating on TrustPilot from 113 reviews.
equinox tiled roof system Scotland
Tiled Roof Systems
"this saved us a fortune getting a new conservatory which we didn't really need, our one is only around 10 years old. The roof conversion allows us full use of the space again which we have already taken advantage of, delighted!"
best conservatory roof Scotland
Simon Joseph, Scotland
5* Google Review

Conservatory Roof Conversion

If you think a conservatory roof conversion is an unnecessary hassle, then think again. Combining your conservatory with a tiled roof system will prolong the lifespan of your conservatory. If you add an extension along with a roof conversion this compliments the system ever better.

The stylish exterior of the roof tiles effortlessly blends with your house to improve the aesthetics of your property. The roof conversion system also provides your home and conservatory with improved insulation.

As previous stated, this insulation not only improves the temperature in winter making your conservatory habitable, but ensures it’s not too hot to bare in the summer months as well. 

Upgrade Your Conservatory

If you decide on upgrading your conservatory with a roof conversion, our expert surveyors will help you consider the design aspect and it’s utility.

Things to consider are whether it will contrast or complement the main building of your home. Our surveyors have lots of experience in what works best and will provide plenty of guidance during your initial free survey.

You can be sure you are selecting the right team to handle your upgrading your conservatory, we always ensure that all your needs are met.

Occasionally, a conservatory roof upgrade might also require specific permits. In most cases however, this is not required.

Convert Your Conservatory into a Sunroom

You can also convert your conservatory into a sunroom, this option requires a lot more planning an upheaval including extension plans.

We have a team of experts who can help you design and install your conservatory as per your requirements. 

Sunroom extensions offer better space for children to play, a home office or just an open space for guests to chill.

When you are planning a conversion to a sunroom extension, think about it’s purpose.

Other things such as plumbing and electrics may need to be accounted for before committing to any structural changes.

Tiled Conservatory Roof System

Equinox is the UK’s leading tiled conservatory roof system.

Improved Insulation

A tiled conservatory roof system controls the temperature during hot summers and cold winters.

Seamless Installs

Greencastle's conservatory roof installation team aim to install your tiled roof in a matter of days.

10 Year Guarantee

Equinox roofs are guaranteed for ten years, giving you the assurance of a robust, well-designed, precision-made product that’s built to last.


Tiled conservatory roofs are not only a more affordable option, but due to the extra heat they retain they should contribute to reducing your homes energy bills.

Equinox Tiled Roof Conversion

Equinox tiled conservatory roof systems are the leading conservatory conversion and insulation solution in the UK market place today. The design system allows for complete temperature control so that the space remains comfortable. The highly efficient Equinox roof system does not compromise on natural lighting entering the room. Natural daylight will still be able to illuminate your conservatory without sacrificing the systems insulating properties. 

Equinox also allows the option of artificial light fittings so that you can set the ambience in the evenings. While the traditional tiled roof systems can be heavy and seem too old fashioned, the Equinox is not like that. It uses a light weight gauge steel, polypropylene and limestone blend or an ultra-lightweight glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) instead of traditional clay or slate roof tiles. They will sit easily on the existing conservatory without putting any extra weight on it.

Easy Installation

A conservatory conversion installation is surprisingly easy and takes a matter of days. It will cause far less disruption to your daily routine and home than your would anticipate. Installation turnaround time varies depending on your homes design and architecture.

Conservatory Conversion Price

The cost of a conservatory conversion will depend on a lot of factors.

The cost of a tiled roof system will always be more cost effective than renovating or replacing the whole conservatory.

You should also account for the extra savings provided by improved insulation.

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